Turn back the clock with Botox

Turn back the clock & look 10-15 years younger with botox!!


Looking good does wonders for the inner self. It improves our face value, builds our confidence & helps us be successful in every field. Medical science now makes it possible to renew our youthful appearance. Wrinkles are the primary lines of concern. They are formed on the face over time due to sun exposure & continuous muscle activity. These lines can often make us look tired, angry or older than we are.

Botox (botulinum toxin) is one of the best & the most popular wrinkle reduction treatment available today.
BOTOX® is a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles & creates a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

BOTOX® is used to remove frown lines between the eyebrows, crows feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, Bunny Lines on the nose, Downturned corners of the lips, Neck bands and horizontal lines, Chin creasing & to reduce broad jaws & improve the facial contour. It is also used to reduce excessive sweating on palms & underarms & for the treatment of migraine. The results are seen within 3-4 days but the effect is best seen after 7-15days of injection. The effects gradually wear off in 5-6months.

Here are some of the myths busted:

Myth: It is painful as it is an injection after all.
Busted: Very fine, small sterile needles are used to inject botox. The pain is minimal, often described like an ant bite sting. For those who have a low pain threshold, ice packs can be used to alleviate pain. Anesthesia is not required. One can resume normal activities immediately.

Myth: It is unsafe because it is a toxin.
Busted: It is a purified protein derivative of botulinum toxin A. It is approved by US FDA & has been used for the last 20 years. It is used for treatment of migraine. BOTOX® is also approved for use in children over 2 years of age with cerebral palsy.

Myth: Side effects are plenty.
Busted: It has no long-term side effects.
Redness, heavy eyelid or headache may occur in some patients for a few hrs or a day.

Myth: I will have a plastic, expressionless face after botox.
Busted: This will happen only if too much of botox is given (overdose). A qualified & trained doctor will give adequate doses of botox injections just to soften the expression lines.

Myth: my lines will worsen if I discontinue Botox.
Busted: NO, lines will be the same as before botox. With repeated injections, lines will only be better as it prevents dynamic lines from changing to static.

Myth: If I take botox once, I will have to take it for the rest of my life.
Busted: If you do not want to take a second injection after 6 months, its alright as there will be no tell tale signs nor will the wrinkles worsen.

Myth: It is only for old people.
Busted: According to US FDA, anybody in the age group of 18-80 yrs of age who desires to get rid of their wrinkles & have a smoother appearance can get the treatment done.

Interesting facts

1. Forehead lines
Upside: Botox can soften all those lines on your forehead.
Downside: If given in a very high dose, the lines disappear and you have no expression when you raise your eyebrow or you may get permanently raised eyebrows for the next six months.

2. Frown lines:
Upside: If you have perpetual frown lines which make you look like Hitler even when you’re trying to smile, botox shots will do the trick and help you get rid of them.
Downside: If too much is injected, you won’t be able to frown for six months. And if you’re an actor, you can only be a comedian for 6 months.

3. Crows feet:
Upside: Get rid of them and look 10years younger. It’s really cool. If you’re an actor, you could take botox and be the chocolate hero in 1 film. 6 months later you could play the rugged villain too coz all your crows feet would be back.
Downside: If injected too high, may change the arch of the eyebrow!

4. Bunny’s line:
Upside: Do you get lines on the nose when you laugh or scrunch your nose? Knock the lines off with botox and look 5 yrs younger.
Downside: Nothing really

5. Have a downturned smile which makes you look sad all the time?
Upside: Low doses of botox can straighten your smile.
Downside: large doses will not allow you to make a sad face at all!!!

6. Have broad jaws or a square face
Upside: Botox is injected into the masseter muscle to give you a narrow face and a chiseled look.
Downside: you may not be able to bite into a fruit or a nut for a few days, a week maybe and then you’ll be alright!

7. Have bands on the neck which look like chicken legs, not happening. They make you look old and haggard. Botox is the answer.

8. Are your palms and feet sweating all the time? Does it embarrass you when you’re shaking hands with someone.
Upside: Take botox and you will be free from this embarrassment.
Downside: you won’t be able to open a lock or drive for ONE day.