How to prepare Green Tea

GreenTea2Green Tea is very good for our health. Green Tea have lot of medical benefits, studies has been touted to help with everything from headaches, anti-aging to depression since Ancient times.

Here in this post I am going to explain how to get a perfect cup of Green Tea using simple steps..

Ingredients Required : 

  • Green Tea leaves (Recommended 5 grams of tea leaves/1 cup of water)
  • Hot Water 
Steps :
  1. Take 5 grams of Green Tea leaves for 1 cup of water
  2. Place that desired amount of green tea leaves in a tea strainer
  3. Take required amount of water in a non-reactive pan and heat it up to 80 °C (180 °F)
  4. Take the tea strainer and placed it into an empty mug
  5. Pour the heated water over the tea leaves into the mug
  6. Steep the leaves for 3 minutes
  7. Remove the tea strainer from the mug
  8. Then Green Tea is Ready !!!
For Better taste you can add lemon juice into it. If its too bitter you can add half tea spoon of sugar. Filtered water is highly recommended for preparing green tea.