Cosmetic Procedures at I Smile Cosmetic Clinic

"Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" but does the "Beholder" understand why?

There are certain characteristics in nature that are universally acknowledged to be aesthetically beautiful. This includes the face and is applicable across all ethnic boundaries. In fact such boundaries simply do not exist in this concept of beauty.

"Phi" is the basis for the "Golden Ratio" and in facial aesthetics it is truly an intriguing concept.

Cosmetic Medicine is such an emerging branch of medicine which is science + arts. Experts at i smile cosmetic clinic treat various cosmetic problems keeping these theories in mind.

 Services at i smile cosmetic clinic

laser hair removal laser scar removalHair Regrowt




   Laser Hair Removal             Laser Scar Removal               Hair Re-Growth                           





       Botox                            Dermal Fillers                     Skin Polishing





Skin Peeling                      Medical Facials                     Acne Control





 Facelifting                        Teeth Whitening               Dental Services





        Lip Plumping                   Skin Lightening                   Gummy Smile


Dark Circles